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'The project file was unloaded' when opening DFLDiscoverer.


Tried opening the solution in VS2012 and the project file was 'unloaded' in the Solution Explorer.
Tried 'reloading' the project (right-click off sln) -- nope.
Tried removing and re-adding the project -- nope.
Tried opening in VS2k10 -- nope.
Tried opening in VS2k13 -- nope.

There are seemingly no error logs that I can find so I'm posting here..

(actually, got the first issue posted here when running the .exe, hence me now trying to load the project)

Thanks for any help,


CRTtech wrote Jul 17, 2015 at 3:47 PM

Notably, I do have SMO installed but no references to the ManagedDTS assembly anywhere, nor the .DLL (not even after setting that reg key to look in GAC_MSIL).
And I uninstalled and reinstalled.
I'll try on another box at some point but it would be cool to figure out what's what on my own box..