Win 7 64, with MSSQL 2005 32 bit

Mar 17, 2011 at 11:16 PM

So to get this situation to work download the source for DFLD.

Re-Make references to all version 9 of sql server componants (I copied local while messing around with the port).

Remove all the exceptions of DtsCom...., they will be caught with the general exception in the original program.

Rename all references to version 100 to version 90's IDTSOutputColumn90 from IDTSOutputColumn100.


and change   dflMetadata.MappedColumnID = column.MappedColumnID to dflMetadata.MappedColumnID = column.ExternalMetadataColumnID;


Also, need to compile targetting x86 platform only (since my sql server was 2005 x86) or you will get these errors:

clsid {e44847f1-fd8c-4251-b5da-b04bb22e236e} invokation or factory something
err: 80040154